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Ceny miodu 2011
                                                               HURT                                                DETAL
- Rzepakowy                                  8,00-12,00 zł/kg                               18,00-25,00 zł/kg
- Wielokwiatowy                            9,50-12,00 zł/kg                                20,00-30,00 zł/kg                
- Gryczany                                     16,00-20,00 zł/kg                                22,00-30,00 zł/kg
- Lipowy                                       16,00-20,00 zł/kg                                25,00-45,00 zł/kg
- Spadź iglasta                                min. 25,00 zł/kg                                   min. 45,00 zł/kg

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Written by admin on Lipiec 26th, 2011

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